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From time to time Edgewood Consulting & Services will have one or more of the following workshops scheduled and open to the public.  Visit the “Events” page on this website to see announcements for future workshops offering open-enrollment. 

Workshops can also be scheduled for private groups. Workshops can be delivered at your site or off-site as per your preference, needs, and budget.  Most often our clients offer the space or make the arrangements for an alternative location.  If you are interested in having a workshop offered to a private group of individuals, please call (845) 255-7007 to schedule! 

Edgewood Consulting & Services strives to make workshops as experiential (hands-on) as possible so the learner is fully engaged with mind, body, and spirit!

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Workshop Topics Offered:

Peaceful Communication
(Learn to look into the heart of personal and interpersonal matters without judgment or criticism. Increase your ability to communicate peacefully with others so needs are met and work and living environments are harmonious and in line with your values. Through improvisation, experiential activities, and lecturettes, become familiar with Nonviolent Communication techniques by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD.)
(go to communicatingpeacefully.com to read more)

Words Are Powerful - Choose Wisely!
(This workshop explores how words spoken are powerful and can include or exclude people. Anyone who ever speaks or writes to a diverse audience could benefit from participation. To make the world a more just and compassionate place we must engage in dialogue about, so that we can bring forward in our consciousness, the words we are speaking or writing so they create inclusion. A must for all educators!)

Teambuilding Activities for Educators
(learn basic teambuilding games & initiatives you can use within your own classroom or program with minimal or no props)

Art of Packing for Day Hikes & Multi-day Backpacking Trips
(Want to go hiking or backpacking and be prepared yet not be so bogged down with unnecessary weight or a pack that is top-heavy and burdensome or nearly impossible to carry? In this workshop you will learn how to pack smartly for your outdoor excursion and how to physically pack the backpack so weight is distributed properly. A terrific workshop for anyone new to the sport of hiking or anyone considering backpacking overnight for the first time).

Facilitating Adventure Programs -
Dos & Don’ts

(Learn what to do and what not to do so your facilitation of adventure programs is top-notch! In this workshop you will learn about common pitfalls new facilitators face and learn of good practices used by experienced facilitators when working with groups. This workshop is essential for new facilitators and also valuable as a refresher for those who are more experienced facilitators.)

Briefing & Debriefing Adventure Activities & Experiences
(Learn techniques, tips & gain hands-on practice with creating metaphors and leading valuable discussion after activity so meaningful reflection occurs and learning is applicable to your program participants’ real-life. This workshop is a MUST for all educators who facilitate teambuilding and/or other types of experiential programs.)

Classroom Teaching Techniques for the Adventure Program Facilitator
(learn some tried and true classroom management techniques teachers use that can greatly benefit the outdoor or experiential educator)

Service-Learning in the Classroom
(define service-learning, learn about research that demonstrates its value, and explore ways to encourage and incorporate community service and service-learning in the classroom/school)

Experiential Education in the Classroom
(learn how to incorporate the philosophy and practice of experiential education into the more traditional classroom learning environment)

Proper Sequencing of Activities for Teambuilding Facilitators
(Sequencing teambuilding activities is an art. It requires knowledge and careful planning so your group is emotionally and physically ready and comfortable with the next level of challenge you present to them. In this workshop the various types of teambuilding activities will be discussed and proper sequencing of activities from each category will be dialogued about and practiced by participants.)

(custom workshops can be created and offered to meet your group’s need)


"A field, however fertile, cannot be fruitful without cultivation, neither can a mind without learning."

- Cicero


"The person who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after."

- Newton Baker


"In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."

- Eric Hoffer

Before You Participate:

Before you may participate, all individuals must complete and sign An Acknowledgement of Risks & Release of Claims form.  For most workshops, participants will also need to complete a Medical History Questionnaire; contact Edgewood Consulting & Services to see if it will be necessary to complete the medical form as well, given your workshop topic.  Forms can be downloaded off this website under the “Forms” main menu tab. Forms need to be mailed to and received by Edgewood Consulting & Services at least 10 days in advance of the workshop unless other special arrangements have been made.


Please call to inquire.

Cancellation Policy:

Preparation and planning is involved prior to offering a workshop.  Cancellations made by clients two weeks or more before the program date will be entitled to a partial refund or full credit if rescheduled.  Cancellations made less than two weeks before the program date will not be refunded and will be billed for any outstanding fee portion owed.  Edgewood Consulting & Services will expect to be fully reimbursed for any and all expenses incurred in preparation for the workshop. 

In the rare event that Edgewood Consulting & Services must cancel due to an emergency, full credit toward the same workshop on a future date will be granted. 


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